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We all take a responsibility in ensuring that your child is safe in school.  During the school day the external classroom doors are locked and the main entrance door has a security system.  All staff, volunteers, Governors and regular visitors have an enhanced DBS check. We ask visitors to sign a book and wear a badge when they come into the building. Staff at the school are easily identified by Lodge Farm badges. Staff will challenge people on site during the school day without a visitor’s or staff badge.

All staff exercise pastoral care and we have trained Teaching Assistants and staff to deal with sickness and injuries.  It is important that we have two emergency contact numbers if your child becomes ill at school.  Please make sure you tell us if you move, change or alter your place of work, change your mobile number or childminder.

Sometimes children have difficulties at school or home when learning to adjust to something that has happened in their life.  If you have any worries, please discuss them with your child’s teacher.  They may share your concerns and together we can sort out the best way to help your child.

The school works in partnership with parents to support children in every way possible.  However, the Children Act 1989 places a clear responsibility on schools to ensure that they work together with other agencies to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children.  As a result, if concerns are raised within the school or a child or parent reports a situation involving abuse, we would not be able to guarantee confidentiality.  It would have to be reported to the appropriate professional bodies.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (or CEOP) website has lots of useful additional information. Please follow this link:


We regularly update our displays around our buildings to inform and engage the school community.