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We always value your thoughts to make Lodge Farm the best it can be for your children. Please share your views through this survey.

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There is a strong correlation between good attendance and good achievement at school and clearly we want all our children to leave Lodge Farm with the best life chances possible. School is important and whilst we fully appreciate how expensive a holiday can be, we cannot condone holiday during term time. Children find it very difficult to catch up on the learning they have missed and in the longer term this can have a negative impact on their progress. Also, what message are children being given about the value and importance of going to school if holidays are taken frequently?


If, unavoidable and medication needs to be administered at set times during the school day,  will be made by the parent or guardian with the school. Please complete the forms below for the school’s record.

The written parental consent will be kept in a folder in the Medical Room and recorded on a Class list within the Class Registers, so that the information is available to any other teacher taking that class.

Non-Prescribed Medicines

The school will not administer any medicines that have not been prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse prescriber or pharmacist prescriber, unless it is done as part of an individual Health Care Plan. No child will be given any medicines without their parent’s written consent.

Emergency Closures

In the event of any emergency closures you will be notified via text message, the school website and Local Radio Stations. You can sign up for alerts from multiple Hertfordshire schools via the Everbridge portal at


Please make sure that the school has your correct details so that we can contact you. If we have your contact details please we can contact you via text, email and telephone in the first instance. Hard copies are also of all letters sent home are also available from the office.