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Online Safety at Lodge Farm

Keeping our children safe online is important in today’s society. At home, many of our pupils have access to the Internet via a range of online devices such as mobile phones, tablets, online gaming, YouTube, social networking sites and chat apps to name a few. Our aim is to support and advise you in teaching your children how …

Online Safety Newsletters

  Weekly Online Safety Guides

Useful Advisory Links

Click on the logo to view the required website. BBC Newsround 5 Ways to Stay Safe Online This is not an exhaustive list, but some examples of where to find further information.

Good Gaming is Safe Gaming

Many children love to play video games. To assist you in keeping your children safe whilst playing video games, including those with online player modes, please find some useful guidance in the Good Gaming is Safe Gaming document and in the weblinks below. This guidance includes how to set security features on particular games consoles; what the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) …

Safe Search Engines

Please click on the thumbnails below to go to your preferred search engine.