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Messages of support

We have been utterly blown away by some of the messages of support we have received during this unprecedented and unpredictable time. We know this time isn’t easy for anyone and whilst we as adults struggle to get our heads around the changes, we can only imagine how confusing it is for the children who have had their daily lives and routines upended. Below are some of the wonderful messages we have received, we wanted to be able to share them with you to show our appreciation for them and for our staff.

Stay safe everyone.

  • I just wanted to say that I think the way you, the SLT and the rest of your team at Lodge Farm have dealt with the covid-19 situation has been absolutely brilliant. The communication has been timely, informative and clear.  You have kept us all up-to-date every step of the way, while remaining calm and sympathetic to how we are all feeling and our individual situations.  Of course, all of this while you each have families of your own to look after. I think you have done an amazing job and you should all feel really proud of this. Together we are stronger, and I am proud to be a Lodge Farm parent.   – Year 3/5 parent


  • Thank you to all you lovely staff for all your support. – Year 2 parent


  • I’ve just received the home learning. What a fabulous help! Thank you so much for all you’re doing for us. – Year 3 parent


  • I just wanted to say well done to you all! You are doing a fantastic job looking after all the children in an awful time – the communication has been brilliant I am truly grateful – to keep some consistency for the pupils at uncertain times has been fantastic. I hope you all stay well, and look forward to seeing you all on the return to normal. – Year 3 parent


  • I would just like to thank you all as a school for all you have done to support all of the children in such a frightening time, putting your own health at risk, as parents we can’t thank you enough. – Year 1/4/6 parent


  • Thank you all for everything you’re doing & going through yourselves at the moment with the Covid 19. The email with words supporting parents with their decisions was emotional & much appreciated!! Can’t praise all staff enough, wish everyone to stay well, would give you hugs if I could lol!   – Year 6 parent


  • I thought it was only the right thing to do to say a big thank you for putting lots of fun in your day today for year 5, my son has come home buzzing and he’s almost forgotten about all the stress of what’s going on with school closing. It was lovely to hear him talk so fondly about you and his day.   – Year 5 parent


  • Hello just want to say a really big thank you to all your team at the school for keeping everything going in this tough time. There was lots of tears and mixed emotions I’m sure. I know like myself most of you are parents yourself so have your parents hats on when helping our little babies in your care. – Year 1 parent


  • Dear Team, This is a difficult time for all of us but I wanted to thank you and there entire Lodge Farm team for the constant communication emails and work you’re doing to support the wider Covid agenda – I am so glad we are part of this school and community and want to say thank you again for all the comms and learning resources and support offered to parents.   – Year 1 parent


  • Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful rainbow posters. We saw them this morning when we ventured out to walk our dog, and they really brightened our day. I took photos of your posters and sent them to our friends who are too far away, or who are staying at home and cannot see them for themselves. You really have cheered up lots of people already. Keep up the good work. – Member of the local community


  • Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone at Lodge Farm, you have been all amazing in this difficult circumstances. School/Home communication and the support for vulnerable families have been excellent! I did not need to use any of your services but how well I was informed was  above and beyond! I am so happy that my little boy, who has been talking about Mrs Dear a lot, is in good hands. – Reception parent


  • Dear SLT, Thank you for your letters-I enjoy reading them as it makes me laugh to hear what you have been up to. I hope you are well. – Year 4 student