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Please call Herts Help on 0300 123 4044 if you require support of any nature.

Class Photo 2019 – 2020

A reminder that we are trying to create class photos for this school year. The deadline for photos to be included was today but as we have received so few we have extended this until the end of this week. Please see the letter for details and send photos to or upload to your child’s Google Classroom clearly labelled that it is for the photo.

Revised Term Dates

Please see here for our revised term dates for the next school year. Nursery and Reception will have staggered starts, more information to follow.

Lodge Farm Virtual Sports Week

Today is the start of our virtual sports week, children in school in Year 1 recorded some amazing times for plank, see how well you can do at home!  There are 10 activities to complete across the week with a score sheet to send back. Points will then be tallied up to see who is the winning house! Good luck! Virtual Sports Week 

I have asked children to send photos/videos via email, GC, purple mash for teachers to see and cheer them on!

School update from the Government

Home Learning Survey

Thank you to all parents who replied to the most recent survey regarding learning from home and for your continued support in these challenging times. We were very pleased with the number of parents/carers who replied. Please see the below for the overall results.

Learning from home survey results FINAL

Home Learning Week 7

It has been fantastic this week seeing more and more of you getting to grips with using Google Classroom! It is a great way for your teachers to touch base with you and see how you are getting on, we do really miss you all! Your week 7 learning tasks are now online, we hope you continue to enjoy doing these, we love seeing your work!

Home Learning Week 6

Week 6 grids are now on the website for you to download and enjoy!

Home Learning Week 5

Week 5 grids are online and full of more educational but exciting tasks for you to do at home. We love hearing how you are getting on with these and what you are enjoying learning about the most!

Google Classroom logins

The children use chromebooks, which run off G Suite, weekly, so they all know their login details. As they are logging in remotely they need to add on the end of it. Usernames are comprised of the year your child was in year 1, their first name and the first letter of their surname. The password is also the same as the one for the chromebooks. (Some children have to use the first two letters of their surname if they have the same name and first initial of surname as someone else, they will be aware of this!)

Home Learning Week 4

We hope that you all had a happy and healthy Easter and are ready for some more lovely tasks from your teachers! Learning grids have been emailed out (if you are not getting these please contact the office) and are available to download from our website.

Family Support

For those who may be struggling a bit being at home, this website has some handy tools to help benefit families. We also have some more information on our Wellbeing page.

Home Learning Week 3

Home learning grids for week 3 have now been sent out and are available to download from our website. We hope that you are looking forward to some more fun and engaging activities set by your teachers!

Messages of Support

We have received so many wonderful messages of support that we just had to share with you to show our appreciation for them, and our staff. Click the above link to see them!

Last Day of Term

So it was the weirdest end of term ever, but Friday was still the last day of the Spring term! So it only seemed right that in school we did some Easter activities! After starting the day with some of our set tasks on Purple Mash we put our maths (weighing) and D.T. skills to the test making Easter nest cakes. It was tempting to eat the Mini Eggs rather than decorate the cakes with them, but we resisted! We then made the most of the good weather and drew some chalk drawings on the playground, we are wondering how long they will last for! After break we got crafty with some (sterilised) egg boxes and paint. We made little chicks and the Easter bunny, how eggs-iting! Next we got cracking (these jokes don’t get any better!) making our Easter cards. With lots of materials available some of us used pens, paints and crayons whilst others went for the genuine thing and used feathers, they all looked fantastic! At the end of the day we settled down to watch A Bug’s Life (science…getting ready for The Great Bug Hunt!) and treated ourselves to one of our egg nest cakes…they were eggs-ellent! Happy Easter everyone!




You may have seen that we have set up a Lodge Farm facebook page. This has been set up with the intention of sharing teaching and learning resources. A polite reminder to please keep comments positive. Please do not mention staff or children of Lodge Farm by name. Any inappropriate comments will result in a ban from the page. Click on the icon below to visit our page!

Facebook Brand Resources

Home Learning Week 2

Home learning grids for week 2 have now been sent out and are available to download from our website. We hope that you all enjoyed the activities from last week and are looking forward to having a go at these new tasks.

Home Learning

All home learning grids have been sent out by email but are also available to download from the sidebar of your child’s class page, or on the “Letters Home” page. Log in information was sent home with an exercise book and pen, however if you do not have these please contact admin who will collect this information from the relevant class teacher. The most useful websites are below.

British Science Week

The theme for this year’s British Science Week was “Our Diverse Planet”. We spent the week looking at the diversity in places, people, animals but mostly we looked at the different types of science. At primary level we study science as ‘science’ so it was interesting to be able to introduce children to different areas of science. We looked at how rain falls from clouds, studied the chemical reaction that takes place when Skittles sit in water, we put our engineering skills to the test taking on the SETPOINT build a tree challenge and possibly most excitingly got to explore space in the mobile planetarium. Thank you Miss Smyth for arranging!

World Book Day

What a wonderful day we had for World Book Day! Children and adults were dressed up as characters from well known stories and we were able to partake in many fun activities and share our love of reading. We discovered new authors, illustrators and genres and even learnt how books were made. All classes took part in the Lodge Farm challenges and it came down to the wire between 3S and 3A (Miss Ajazi and Miss Smyth aren’t competitive at all….!). With a narrow win, 3S were delighted to add a new story to their class collection, “Lights on Cotton Rock” by local author David Litchfield, which they shared with 3A at storytime as they had all studied another book of his last term. Thank you to Miss Brosnan for organising another fun day!

New Playground Equipment

A huge thank you to our parting PTA, through their generous contribution our play equipment on both the KS2 and Early Years playgrounds have had a much needed update. Mr Bentley worked tirelessly with the builders to organise the project, working through rain and…well, more rain! Both are now up and being thoroughly enjoyed by the children, thank you!

Chinese New Year

Today children were very excited to help welcome in the “Year of the Rat” at Lodge Farm. We were treated to a special Chinese lunch menu which we ate in our Chinese New Year decorated dining rooms. Throughout the day children were able to participate in workshops, KS1 learnt ribbon dancing whilst KS2 picked up some new Kung Fu skills! Thank you Miss Gauci for organising the day!


Messages of support

We have been utterly blown away by some of the messages of support we have received during this unprecedented and unpredictable time. We know this time isn’t easy for anyone and whilst we as adults struggle to get our heads around the changes, we can only imagine how confusing it is for the children who …