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Early Years

EYFS Statutory Framework

The EYFS Framework is our statutory document. This outlines a set of standards for learning, development and care of children during the early years of their life. All schools and Ofted registered early years providers must follow the EYFS Framework.

Early Years Outcomes

The Early Years Foundation Stage Outcome documents below are the goals that we will be working on with your children. Most children will be working at emerging 30-50 months outcomes when they enter Nursery though some will be at 22-36 months.   We aim to work towards 40-60 months outcomes by the end of Nursery though children do progress at different rates and may achieve some of the 40-60 outcomes without completing all of the 30-50 month ones.   (Please note for a child to achieve these outcomes they must be able to do them independently and it must be on a regular basis, rather than a one-off observation).