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Here are some additional websites and resources to help you with you learning. Click on the logo to view the required website.

Monster Phoncs

Monster Phonics

Hit the Button Maths Game

Hit the Button Maths Game

Purple Mash

Purple Mash





Afasic Voice for Life

This organisation supports parents with children who have difficulty talking and understanding language.



Bookstart encourage parents and carers to enjoy books with children from as early an age as possible. They have very good ideas for helping develop early literacy skills.


The National Autistic Society

Information, advice and campaigning organisation for people with autism.


World Book Day

World Book Day


Phonics Game

Phonics Game


Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is packed with expert advice, top tips and activity ideas so you can help your child with reading and maths.


Top Marks

Maths and English Games




Phonics Play


Building Vocabulary

We will be building our vocabulary through revision of word classes and learning about figurative language.

Word classes


The name of a person, place, object, thing, emotion or idea

Common nouns

* do not need a capital letter
e.g. fish, table, sad, town, boy

Proper nouns

* do need a capital letter as they are the specific name of an individual
e.g. Robert, Stevenage, Lodge Farm


A word that can replace a noun
e.g. he, she, it, they, we, their, I, me, my


Describes a noun
e.g. beautiful, weary, sparkling, evil, stormy, cerise


Is an action or state
e.g. danced, run, grin, whisper, yelled, became, am


A word or phrase that adds more detail to an adjective, verb or another adverb
e.g. gently, swiftly, here, now, very, really

Figurative Language


A way to describe things by comparing them to other things using the words as or like.
e.g. my teacher is as fierce as a dragon, the moon was like a silver coin


Describing (comparing) one thing as if it is another. The noun becomes the compared object.
e.g. My teacher is a fierce dragon, the moon is a silver coin


Describing something as having human feelings and actions
e.g. The trees danced in the gentle breeze, The angry rain thundered onto the rooftops

Simile, metaphors and personification


When words which begin with the same sound are repeated close together in the same phrase or sentence
e.g. Wild winds whistled through the wintry woodlands


Onomatopoeia is when a word’s pronunciation imitates its sound
e.g. Plop! Whoosh! The bees buzzed outside, The metal machine clunked