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Class 6R

Welcome to class 6R. Your teacher is Mrs Randall. Your teaching assistants are Ms Murray (Higher Level Teaching Assistant), Mrs Bloxham and Mrs Fox.

Year 6 trip

ETA – Our weary travellers look to be back around 5.30, however will update again when they are 20 minutes away!

Day 4 – Today has been wet, but spirits were high! The children braved the sea and did raft building and paddle boarding (which they particularly loved) in the rain. When we returned to camp and after a long, but very funny mission pulling the wetsuits off of the children, they showered and had hot chocolate. Following that, we have managed to turn the campsite into a beauty salon, with Mrs Taylor blow drying hair and Miss Ajazi was even walking around with a face mask on!

This evening we have arranged for the children to have a party, with music and games – hopefully it will make for a great last night! The plan tomorrow is to pack up before breakfast, then go to the gift shop in Swanage seafront, lunch at 11.30 and on the coach for 12. I will call the school to let you know our estimated time of arrival. Although the weather hasn’t been kind to us, the children all seemed to have had a good time and we have all enjoyed being with them and watching them have so much fun, Ms Swash.

Day 3 – After last night’s entertainment, including Miss Ajazi dancing with the children around the campfire, the children got a good night’s sleep. Then today, we started off with a sausage baguette and then moved camp – we have been upgraded to business class tents! Then we went to the woods for bush craft and archery, which was great fun. However, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Bloxham and Mrs Munford, misjudged a fireguard for a seat  and collapsed in true Lodge Farm style!

The children now know how to start a fire, so you might want to invest in a good quality extinguisher! The children are looking forward to dinner tonight! There are more pictures that will be uploaded when we get back!

Day 2 evening – Today has been a fun day all round. The groups swapped activities this afternoon, with Ms Swash and Mr Brown heading to rock climbing. After the long walk down the hill, the children (including big kid Mr Brown) were eager to get going and flew up the cliff face… Ms Swash on the other hand took some convincing. Once the children had persuaded Ms Swash it’d all be okay, she tentatively headed up and managed to reach the top… Only banging her head 5 times on the way up, which brought a round of applause from the group. Everyone had a great time in the sunshine and team spirits were high, supporting each other to get the most from the experience.

After our exciting activities, we went back to camp and everyone had a shower; the boys area had an overwhelming scent of Lynx Africa – Christmas Fayre donation?! We then had yummy pasta bake with garlic bread. We are currently at the campfire, toasting marshmallows and celebrating Bethany’s birthday with cake! Woodlands and archery tomorrow!

Day 2 – After a very wet start, the children have had a fun, sunny day pioneering (launching catapults) and rock climbing on the cliffs at the beach. As the rest of the day and night looks to be staying dry, we have asked if we can have our campfire tonight – bring on the marshmallows!

Day 1 – We arrived about 3pm, the children are very excited about their tents – they are awesome apparently! We are going to dinner at 6pm and all is well!

World Book Day

During World Book Day this year the children took part in lots of exciting activities.