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Class 5L

Welcome to class 5L. Your teacher is Miss Lamb.

Welcome to Year 5! I am so excited for the upcoming year and we have some fantastic learning opportunities for you all to explore. I can’t wait to see what you can achieve and I am looking forward to helping you along the way.

Home Learning

Home Learning Disclaimer: Some home learning is not published on the website as they are from schemes of work which we do not have copyright permission to publish online.

If your child loses their home learning, spare sheets can be found in the Home Learning Literacy and Maths trays in the classroom, if they are not posted on this page.
There may be occasions when we suggest that home learning tasks can be emailed to us. Please send these via the school office; clearly stating in the subject line your child’s name and which teacher or class it is for.

Year 5 end of year expectations

By the end of year 5, you are expected to know how to accurately spell all the key words from the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 ARE (age related expectation) word lists below.
Please refer to this word list when completing any written home learning tasks and check they are spelt correctly.

Please also see our Learning Resources page for additional support and some interesting learning activities.

Remembrance 2018

Throughout the week, the children learnt about the Great War through discussion, finding out information about family members who fought in the World Wars, reading poetry and creating our own cinquains which tell the story of War.
In PSHE we learnt about the different feelings we experience through loss or bereavement. We used jagged, smooth and precious stones to represent our feelings and memories and created memory stones about someone who is special to us.
To commemorate the centenary of the First World War and in culmination of all our work, we created a Remembrance display which we invited the parents to view.

“People who fought in the war can die twice. Once in the war and a second time if we forget them. That’s why we need to remember them.”


The children thoroughly enjoyed their topic launch day where they created Anglo-Saxon coins, used gold paint to create illuminated letters of their first name initial, learnt how to spell their name using ancient runes and tasted some typical fruit and vegetables from the period.
After all their hard work, they were rewarded by ending the day sampling the vegetable soup they had made during the day along with some homemade bread courtesy of Mr Taylor.

Cai N: “This was delicious.”

“Is there any more?” piped up numerous voices.

“Can I have some more bread please?”