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Our New Environment

In our Early Years Foundation Stage, we pride ourselves on our beautiful environment, our child centred curriculum and our relationships with parents. This means we have very happy children who love coming to school and parents and carers who feel comfortable and secure that their children are flourishing here with us. We hold the needs of each child in the highest regard and plan each child’s learning opportunities around their needs. We want each child to reach their full, individual potential during their time with us. We encourage each child to develop and learn through their own curiosity which we, as professionals, then provide support so as to extend every child’s learning. Our EYFS is a place where play, nature, comfort and belonging is valued.


Safeguarding is paramount throughout every aspect of our practice and environment. As part of our curriculum we teach the children the skills they need to keep themselves safe physically and mentally. This is supported by our Hygge accreditation and our use of the NSPCC Pants programme. We provide a safe yet challenging environment for the children to gain the skills and experiences they need. General safety and inspection of the environment and resources are carried out in an ongoing way. We teach the children good hygiene practices in relation to food and snack, toileting and hand washing. We uphold exemplary hygiene practices ourselves so as to support the children in this learning. All staff are trained in the schools policies and procedures regarding safeguarding. As part of our ‘People who help us’ learning the children find out about safe adults and how these adult can help us.

Equality and Diversity – Our Curriculum

Equality and diversity is one of the key aspects of our curriculum. We have 6 main curricular goals as part of our curriculum which are specific and bespoke to our school. These are…

  • All children will have access to provision which support the development of the love of reading.
  • Where appropriate, all children will be independent in the self-care skills of dressing and undressing for outside and independent toileting.
  • All children will create and prepare a healthy snack from a basic recipe.
  • All children will experience the Hygge way of life, develop a respect for the natural world and play a role in caring for nature
  • All children will use some household tools, managing risks effectively
  • All children will experience ways of life and cultures outside of the culture of their family both locally and beyond.

Our sixth aim has been developed to ensure that every child in our EYFS takes part in active learning and experiences with relation to different cultures and celebrations. We feel this is paramount to help our children to lead tolerant lives where they are knowledgeable, empathetic and erudite lives. We celebrate many different festivals especially those celebrated by the children in our cohort. Imperatively, throughout all of our practice and interactions we hold kindness and equality in high regard. We reflect through use of high quality texts, having an expectation of kindness, treating the children and other staff with kindness at all times, raising the profile of kindness by giving kindness awards and always praising kindness when we see it from the children.


We consider the transitions that your child will experience while they are with us in EYFS to be extremely important. We give very careful consideration to helping the children to settle in our setting. We carry out home visits, provide plentiful transition opportunities which are child centred and individualised in order to provide for a range of family needs. We recognise that children and families have very different experiences of school which will influence their feelings about starting Nursery and will also have differing experiences of time away from their main carer. Therefore our facilitation of this by adopting an individualised approach to support our children and families provides well for this. We take every opportunity to work closely together across Nursery and Reception throughout the year and celebrate various events and learning opportunities. During child initiated learning staff take opportunities to get to know all children across the EYFS. In the Summer term Nursery children will have play visits in Reception and Reception will have opportunities to visit Year 1.


In EYFS we have completed an accreditation in Hygge practice. We are currently the only settling locally to be achieving this, setting us apart from other local settings. Hygge (pronounced Hue -gah) is the Danish way of life, the approach to living well with focuses on being in the moment and embracing the feelings of warmth, simplicity and togetherness. Hygge has a significant basis in nature and the benefits that spending time in and caring for nature has for all of us.

Denmark has been named the world’s happiest country on numerous occasions, and remains to be in the very top of the UN world Happiness Report. This is well known to be because of the culture of Hygee that they have developed.

Hygge is about creating cosy gatherings, living in the moment and embracing the simple things in life. Like going for a walk in the cold and coming home to a warm drink and a cosy blanket.

We are very pleased to have taken our practice in the direction of Hygge as we focus on building children’s own mental health self-care and also providing a safe and homily environment for them in EYFS. Through our work with the Hygge Accreditation we have also be able to prioritise our own mental and physical health and so have learnt new joyous ways to care for the children in our EYFS.   Gaining the accredited status has supported us to provide the nurturing and caring ethos we wish for our children.


In EYFS we use Tapestry to record children’s learning and experiences and to share this with parents. Parents also use this to share learning and experiences with school. This proves to be very popular and is such a valuable tool in getting to know all aspects of the children’s worlds. Parents love to be kept up to date with the activities in school and can then use this knowledge to talk with their children at home about events large or small that have happened at school. Children love to share their uploads with their teachers and peers from Tapestry in school.

Adult- led Learning

Discreet 20 minutes sessions are taught daily based on Letters and Sounds. Children revisit and review previous graphemes, learn new graphemes and apply this through a range of practical and engaging activities. Reading books are matched to the children’s phonic stage and are 100% decodable with sounds that the children have been taught in class. Children in Reception read once a week with an adult. Adult led sessions are also are run daily in Maths, English and handwriting. Children also take another book home from the library which an adult can read with them at home.

Play based learning by its nature is a large part of the EYFS provision. This is facilitated by careful planning around the children’s learning needs and interests. The staff uphold a constant dialogue regarding the children’s progression to ensure we are providing for and facilitating their learning fully. Staff support this learning by providing high quality interactions to extend and deepen a child learning experience. We follow a loose progression of themes throughout EYFS and build on our themes of learning by taking the children’s interests and providing learning opportunities around these.

Adult led sessions in Nursery happen twice daily. This will usually consist of a welcome covering weather, the day of the week, the date and how many children are in school. Also a story time, phonics covering phase 1 and phase 2 (where appropriate) and number skills.